I consider myself a spiritual mystic, a person more concerned with spirituality than religion, and more specifically the mystical aspects of spirituality. I work with energy, healing, personal counseling, and the general increase of spiritual energy in the area directly around me, in my family, and in my community. I do not believe in fear as a proper motivating factor in life, although I respect its power to destroy progress. I believe in love and its capacity to overcome any and all conditions in time.

My purpose in life is to assist people to understand themselves through increasing their awareness. I am unhappy when others are unhappy for I see the reality of the adage, “There is only one of us.” Although we are different, unique individuals, we are all connected as integral parts of the divine matrix of existence. Our consciousness can never be isolated from the pain of others, therefore facilitating peace on this planet is the greatest gift to oneself.

To this end I broadcast regularly discussions on spirituality that are free to all who wish to participate. There is more information about this broadcasting here.

I also do personal consultations to facilitate the growth and development of those who seek my assistance.

I am extremely interested in community development projects as I see people as the only real, lasting asset in this world. Please read one of my blog entries on this subject.

I am available to lecture or to speak within a seminar format. Contact me through the contact page on this site for further information.

May you be filled with peace in this time of chaos, may you be guided by love and not fear, and may you always choose the greater good in all your actions.

Information about me on other web sites

www.harimedia.net Harimedia, the site of my alter ego, Hari, with lectures, meditations, and so on.

www.RobertCampagnola.com The site that presents me in my musical form.

www.sivahari.com Siva Hari, the band that I am presently working with.

www.essentialastrology.com The web site of my wife, Katarina Campagnola, who is an expert astrologer, counselor and therapist.