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Possible Stress Relief Seminar

Relaxation and Stress Reduction – A means to spiritual harmony and personal peace.

A Three Day Seminar with Robert Campagnola

Stress is a powerful force causing the gradual deterioration of all that is good in our lives. When our bodies and minds are voluntarily or involuntarily placed in situations that are not in harmony with our living energy, our natural health and vitality gradually deteriorate. This unnatural resonance distorts our human energy field and eventually creates disease, anxiety, interpersonal tension and, in its extreme form, life threatening situations. Children and adults, men and women and even our pets are vulnerable to the dangers of stress. Stress is cumulative and unless controlled will erode the quality of life. It clouds our capacity to feel, dulls our natural instincts, and pushes us into incompatible situations.

At this moment in time we are faced with a global economic meltdown of epic proportions. The societal status quo has shifted from an upbeat confidence to uncertainty and decline. Our stability, our personal goals and ambitions as well as our core values as providers for our families’ welfare are being strongly challenged.

In this series of upcoming programs, Robert Campagnola will share with us his personal realizations derived from over 40 years of working with people to facilitate the development of our capacity to understand the source of stress and how to release it. He draws upon his vast experience as a personal counselor and mentor, his management skills and experiences, and his spiritual background to present a program to counter stress and expand our spiritual awareness.

During these programs, we shall discuss the overt and covert causes of stress in relation to our personal core beliefs of who we are. It will be shown that the concepts we embrace and the seeming axiomatic assumptions we accept are directly linked to our sensitivity to stress. From this point of view we examine how stress distorts our minds and bodies, creates tension in our interpersonal relationships and reduces our capacity to act as productive members of society.

After thoroughly understanding the causes of stress, we are given the tools needed to dissolve it. Detailed advice is given on utilizing these tools in everyday life to create an awareness of how to avoid stress when possible and how to release it when it is has affected us. The goal is to give the members of the audience the means to develop their own capacity to resist distortions of their personal integrity and internal peace.

Using methods developed by Robert over his many years of assisting people from around the world, we will learn to appreciate the power of deep relaxation. This state of deep relaxation is the gateway to the experience of the life force we all share and thus to a greatly expanded spiritual awareness.

These methods of deep relaxation release accumulated stress and increase our desire to resist repetitive stressful patterns while positively reinforcing our personal integrity as living spiritual beings. In the course of establishing our personal integrity, we are encouraged to accept personal responsibility for our choices. We shall become empowered to choose what is best for ourselves and those around us.

The next stage in this process of stress relief is to be aware of the moment to create a balance between work and play. This balance is the foundation upon which we increase our intelligence, our skills, our health, our prosperity, and interpersonal communication in a harmonious flow of our creative being. Increased personal awareness flows naturally when stress is dissolved.

If possible, Robert begins each program with a short musical introduction where he will tune to the audience and set the scene for the talk of the day. The talk will be focused on the topics Robert considers as most important for the audience members’ evolution towards their natural spiritual health. The talk might be interspersed with a lesson in a relevant exercise or technique. We end with a powerful and relaxing meditation. Robert will be available to answer questions.

•The audience is taught the basic techniques of relaxation and meditation and is guided through the required steps.

•They are taught the technique of visualization.

•No prior experience is required, although those who are advanced meditators will appreciate the meditations.

Some of the techniques include right and left-brain balancing, male-female energy expanding and balancing within the body, energy awareness, and cakra breathing.

The program usually lasts between 2-3 hours.