The Community of People -- Our Only Real Asset

Homes, money, income, livelihood, health, youth, enjoyment, control and a myriad of other illusory constants in our drastically changing world are neither secure nor are they stable. What we have taken for granted is now slipping away. All that is left is ourselves. We are all in this together.

In this series of essays, I will describe my vision of community in terms of the challenges and obstacles that generally afflict it. My goal is to assist the development of a meaningful alternative to the present non-functioning social structure of the western world.


The basis of every society is the family. It provides stability, security, association, a learning environment, and continuity.

The basis of every family is the cooperative and respectfully appreciative union of a marriage between people who are compatible and capable of expressing their desires, needs, and feelings to their partners. Obviously, when the family members are aware and sensitive they have a better chance at understanding each other.

Even if a particular family may not be a perfect partnership due to personal difficulty, it is still the basis of the society for without it there can be no continuation of its members. It is possible to create a society that is non-continuous, but it will wither and die within a short time. Procreation is such an important aspect of social survival that the bible requests us to prosper and multiply. Most religions of the world recognize the need for a solid family union that continues the generation of new members. Even great economists state that without the family there would be no economic impetus.

When children are left alone, uncared for and unwanted, they are scarred for life. These scars manifest in self-destructive and anti-social behavior that not only costs the society economically, but digs deep into its psyche. Traumas such as those created in early family life are extremely difficult to eradicate. A progressive society is based on making the experience of early growth as rewarding and uplifting as possible.