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If anything said in this blog interests you, then good. If not, and you want me to write about something else, then use the contact form and tell me! I will try to find some time to update all of this, but now the main work is going on at the Divine Harmony site because our community desires it.


Experience yourself in the loving attitude of your being. Robert can host meditative workshops specifically designed for those who intend to go beyond the mind in a unique experience of the self. Each workshop will include a talk by Robert on a topic relevant to the systematic development of the whole individual in the context of our inherent spirituality as it impacts and surges through our body, mind, and etheric energy fields. Those who participate may share their experiences and Robert will be happy to address any topic they desire. Each workshop will concentrate on a meditative practice which will expand our personal awareness and power leading to a real taste of attainable spirituality in the here and now. The meditations taught will also be appropriate for the private practice of the participants. It is an opportunity to step outside of the usual and enter into the realm of a more interesting and enlivening state of existence. No previous experience or knowledge is required. The meditations are done either standing or in normal sitting positions in a chair and do not involve any posture which is inappropriate for any person.

Robert can also do Etheric Energy Therapy for balancing chakras, energizing the aura, increasing awareness, and assisting in removing blocks or obstacles that are imbedded from past lives or experiences.

He can also give lessons in developing spiritual consciousness and inner spiritual awareness to private persons or smaller groups.