Some Thoughts You Might Find Interesting

If anything said in this blog interests you, then good. If not, and you want me to write about something else, then use the contact form and tell me! I will try to find some time to update all of this, but now the main work is going on at the Divine Harmony site because our community desires it.

Possible Lecture Topics

These topics are suggestions. More topics are available as desired.

  • *The process of self-actualization – becoming all that you can be as that powerful and loving spiritual entity you are. Developing the full potential of the individual.
  • *Understanding the spiritual energy field that powers every living being, and how to detect, feel and properly use this energy in a manner compatible with our own bodies and the energy fields of those around us.
  • *Development of a greater awareness and sensitivity of the self, forgiveness of ourselves and ultimately developing love of the self which will set us free to expand without limitations. Discussion on the obstacles we face due to our childhood traumas and social constrictions.
  • *Understanding how our thoughts and emotions can create powerful energetic thought forms which significantly impact our lives and the lives of others, and learning how to dissolve them, and resolve the situations which create them unwillingly. We learn how to be aware of our creative energy and learn the sensitivity that is inherent in actual personal strength.
  • *Learning the art of tuning our energies to other earthly beings and to the energy of the higher dimensions, thus increasing our capacity to love and be loved. Learning the essential arts of giving and accepting multi-faceted energy of love.
  • *The importance of goodness in one's life and personality, and the discipline required to develop these qualities in oneself and in relation to the world and others. A description of those qualities which are most important to every human being and thus human society.
  • *A deeper understanding of the ultimate unity of the male and female energies on all levels of existence in the universe and within the supreme source of all. Freeing ourselves from obsolete conceptions of separation between people, or with the supreme, and the continuing growth of the personality life after life, as it evolves closer towards the enlightened state of the individual realizing its non-difference from all spiritual energy and its union with the divine.
  • *An understanding of spirituality as distinct and free from 'religion' as we know it today. The freedom of the soul and the soul's inherent right to have a direct and deep loving relationship with the supreme without a need of disempowering itself to any form of intermediate 'representative' of God.
  • *Lectures are also possible on different social issues in the context of the needs of the individuals.